NEO-Craft Private Sessions are one-on-one with participants and last approximately 50 minutes. The content of the private session draws on American self-help regimens to guide participants through floor exercises and meditation techniques. Private Sessions are designed to activate contemplation on the participant’s future expectations for life, love and happiness.


A series of hyper-realist conferences blurring the border of political representation and representation in art – Neo-Craft engages and critiques the ‘right’ aesthetics of as a platform for public debate.  The program consists of lectures, workshops, symposia and dialogues. All events sit on the edge of art. Participants have the opportunity to participate and discuss topics of the performance amongst one another, and with the public.


NEO-CRAFT: The Early Stages

NEOCraft is a multimedia conference concept stemming from preliminary research conducted at the Banff Centre, The University of Chicago and The New Gallery, Calgary.  Participants include artists in residence, residency staff, university students, faculty and the public. This video contains snippets from scripts and booklets used in performances dating from the early stages of the project.